Texas inc party band

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The sound the world has been longing for. Bringing back the great sounds from yesteryear in-coupled with today's hits from around the world!! High energy, hard hitting, self contained band with a wide genre of songs to fill the night for any and every occasion! Once you've experienced TEXAS INC., not only would you hire the band you couldn't help but recommend this band to everyone you know.  TEXAS INC. members are a mixture of people from different parts of the world ranging from England to Canada and many other parts of the US. 
From the first hit to the last TEXAS INC will keep you on the dance floor and have you begging for more. So sit back, relax and in enjoy the sound of TEXAS INC and remember for any and all occasion TEXAS INC should be your band of choice!!



Please note — Band song lists are continuously evolving.  
To request the most recent song list for 3 Chord Rodeo, please contact us!

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