What is a soft hold?

Moontower Booking has requested pricing and availability on your behalf with the band(s) presented to you.  In doing so, we have placed a soft hold with the band(s).  A soft hold entitles you to a 24 hour right of refusal in the event someone else inquires and wishes to book that date.  In the event you are not the first hold, the hold in front of you may be entitled to a 24 hour right of refusal.

Soft holds are not upheld indefinitely.  Don't miss out on the band you want by waiting too long to book the band.
Soft hold duration varies according to individual band policy.  Most soft holds are honored for a minimum of two weeks.

What is included in band price quotes provided by Moontower Booking? 

Prices provided to you are for the total event hours you requested and are all-inclusive covering transportation, lodging, production (sound system / engineer, stage lighting, etc.), break music, and emcee service unless otherwise specified.  No additional fees, taxes, etc. will be added unless additional options beyond our quote are selected.

Are additional options available?

Quotes for wedding ceremony ensembles, string sections, sound systems, or small trios for the cocktail time are available by request.

Many bands offer a "Second Line Processional" option.  This is where the band and horn section lead the wedding party away from the reception for the send off with a New Orleans style march.  Quotes for this option are available by request.

How early should I book my band?

Bands in high demand typically are booking at least 9 to 12 months out.  Most other bands are booking 6 months in advance.

Do bands accept Special Song Requests?

Some bands will perform Special Song Requests with a fee per song.  Some bands will do this for no fee - if so, it is customary to tip the band for learning the Special Song Requests.

Will the band I book be able to work with my venue’s set-up requirements?

Most bands can adjust to meet the venue requirements as long as there is clear communication and no surprises.  We can help ensure this!

Is Liability Insurance required?

More and more venues are requiring Liability Insurance.  As a result, more bands are carrying their own.  Most bands can secure "day of" Liability Insurance for an additional fee payable by the client to meet venue policy as long as they know this ahead of time.

Why book through Moontower Booking?

Our extensive experience with our roster bands allows us to easily find the perfect band for you at a fair and desirable price. 

We book only quality, reliable bands, reassuring you that you will have the best experience possible. 

Because we connect band leaders with interested clients, they give us excellent rates. 

We have the experience to work with band leaders and know the questions to ask to make sure everything is handled properly.

We work with you directly to build your contract and ensure that everything runs smoothly for all parties involved, especially to eliminate surprises and clarify expectations for both the purchaser and artist.