dj rich

Driven by his competitive spirit and acute ear for music, dj rich entertains audiences with high energy performances made up of original sequencing of varied song selections.  Fascinated by the art of turntablism, dj rich discovered his passion for vinyl and turntables early on.  Born and raised in Austin, dj rich spent weekends with his father listening to their favorite records on reel-to-reel and eight tracks.  Growing up, he spent countless hours in local record stores, thumbing past Top 40 singles to discover forgotten gems and deep cuts, fostering a broad understanding of musical history and context.
Inspired by local djs and mix tapes, dj rich discovered his passion for mixing and immersed himself in the art.  He began spinning in 1999, and word soon spread about his original performances and keen intuition for reading an audience.  His portfolio now includes high-profile events such as SXSW Microsoft Party, Google Austin, “Zeigler-Hansen Family” Extreme Home Makeover, Symmetry Live Austin, L Style G Style Magazine, and Austin and Dallas Fashion Week.  
dj rich continues to raise the bar for entertainment, bringing his innovative style to private parties and venues around Austin.  His energetic mixes guarantee audiences a memorable night of unbridled dancing and infectious fun!