DJ Nixx

As a DJ, Nixx has been on the scene since 2008, but she grew up around music her entire life.  At age 10, her mother taught her how to use turntables on their old Technics with, in particular, Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall” and Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life" records.
By the time DJ Nixx started spinning, she had a vision of exactly how she wanted to express herself and her love of music.  This expression was to give the crowd what they want, but in a style all her own.  Nixx has been known as the DJ to always keep you guessing --- she’ll run from old school to disco to hip hop to Top 40 to house, but always find a way to make sense with it.  “Growing up, I was always listening to Motown, blues, R&B, funk, disco, soul, hip hop, rock, and everything in between.  I love being able to play around with all of these different genres in my sets,” she says.
Nixx has deejayed countless weddings in multiple cities from Boston to Austin.  Her clients adore her and she was recently picked for "Best of The Knot 2016"!
Whether it's a private event or club, local or international, DJ Nixx has something for every taste!